catherine deane

Catherine Deane's impeccable gowns come to us by way of London. Inspired by her time spent living in South Africa, Hong Kong, as well as the UK, Catherine's designs are effortless and flattering while boasting the most luxurious silks and embroideries. What we love about this UK wedding dress designer is the simplicity of her silhouettes, mixed with modern embellishments to create a fresh bridal style. Her contemporary gowns are made utilizing time-honored techniques whose finished product is heirloom and timeless. Catherine Deane also donates from each dress sale to the Unlimited Child, a South African children's charity. This designer's sustainable and ethical practices will make you feel that much better about saying "yes" to one of her gorgeous dresses.

Catherine Deane Prices

The price range from our stores that carry Catherine Deane gowns range from $1400-$1900.

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