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a&bé bridal shop carries the internationally well-known wedding dress designer, Hayley Paige.  Hayley Paige is best known for her alluring, stylish, and trendy bridal designs. Her wedding dresses reflect a romantic, chic, and modern aesthetic that is a fanciful and fresh take on wedding dresses and bridal style. 

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The price range from our stores that carry Hayley Paige gowns start at $2,700. 


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About Hayley Paige

Paige's wedding dress collections offer a wide variety of gorgeous bodices that are sure to flatter any bride. Even more, her luxe satins, handcrafted quality lace and beading, and tulle set Hayley Paige wedding dresses apart from any others. Hayley Paige wedding dresses are the perfect dresses for brides looking for a trendy, chic, yet affordable wedding dress that is sure to be a stunning choice for her wedding day. Select a&bé bridal shop’s also carry Blush by Hayley Paige wedding dresses.

a little q&a with the designer:

Q. What is your design inspiration?
For me, inspiration is multi-faceted and always personality based. I love harnessing different energies in each individual dress just as each bride embodies a fantastically different spirit. Creativity is having an appetite for interpretation and always being a student of design. My goal is to continually keep in touch with my imagination; to be truly authentic, you must be willing to take risks and always be evolving. 

Q. Tell me two little known facts about you
Growing up, I did 15 years of seriously competitive gymnastics. This would explain part of my obsession with things that sparkle (my gymnastics attire frequently included rhinestone leotards, sequined scrunchies, and glitter hair gel).  I was a double major at Cornell and studied Pre-Med and Fiber Science and Apparel Design.

Q. Describe your personal style
I’m more of an extremist so prefer to be in either PJs/workout clothes or a ball gown. It’s more fun when your experimenting on opposite ends of the spectrum :) 

Q. What is your favorite article of clothing
A pair of sheepskin boots that my mom gave me (well, I might have taken them). They are the same ones Jim Carrey wears in Dumb and Dumber at the ski lodge :)

Q. Favorite vacation spot
Lake Tahoe

Q. When did you know that you were going to design bridal?
My grandma taught me how to sew and bake when I was young, so I was an early adapter of the creative mindset. I was especially drawn to wedding dresses because unabashedly, I love romance and creating something with deep emotional value. Although the desire to create gorgeous gowns for a living was there, I didn't always have the confidence in myself or understand the viability of design as a profession. This uncertainty led me to originally pursue pre-med at Cornell, but I was fortunate to be able to overlap my studies with the Textile and Apparel Design major. Ultimately, industry experience and validation were crucial in the development of my craft during my formative years. It certainly did not happen overnight, but it is a privilege to have a career where there is such an inspiring and emotional reciprocation. The most valuable lesson I've learned so far is that I will forever be a student of design! And with that, I want to create a space that is inventive and inspiring for young designers and artists. 

Q. Who is your style icon?
It’s funny because I feel limited by the term icon. Rather, I like to celebrate those individual moments on the red carpet or in a movie where everything is pure magic.  IE the yellow dress scene in How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days and the Pink ballgown Gwenth Paltrow wore to the Academy Awards when she won for Shakespeare in Love.

Q. If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be?
I’m girl crushing on Zoe Kravitz at the moment.

Q. What is the last great book that you read?
The Almost Wife by Jade Beer, who is also the editor in chief of Brides UK.

Q. Any advice for brides?
When dress shopping for the first time, try on at least one gown that you normally wouldn't go for. You would be shocked at how many times a bride walks into an appointment thinking she's Jessica Rabbit and leaves as Cinderella.


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