Modern, sleek and well-priced Laudae bridal gowns can be found in all of our a&bé locations. Laudae gowns, the sister brand to Truvelle, are for carefree brides who are looking for effortless comfort without compromising style. The gowns are handmade from eco-friendly and recycled silks that are constructed for a body-conscious fit allowing brides to move freely for a wedding in any venue setting!

Laudae Prices

The price range from our stores that carry Laudae gowns range from $1,995 to $2,500.

Laudae Wedding Dresses at a&bé

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About Laudae

Q&A from the designer:

Q. What is your design inspiration? 

A: I’m inspired by women who are fearless in their beliefs. Sometimes I turn back to watch them walk and think to myself “good for you”. 

Q : Tell me two little known facts about you.

A : 1) I lived in The Philippines and Singapore before settling in Vancouver, Canada.
2) I was a huge tomboy growing up, and loved climbing anything I could. My brothers and sisters would call me a monkey - I would jump from tree to tree!

Q : Describe your personal style.

A : As I’m older, I go towards simple clothes that are comfortable. I make and design many of the things I wear.

Q : What is your favourite article of clothing?

A : I have a pair of knee high boots that I love to wear. It’s really great to have in Vancouver, where it rains so often.

Q : Favourite vacation spot?

A : The Philippines is my number one choice, not just for vacationing but to someday retire in. My family has a farm there. Away from the hustle and bustle, it is quiet, calm, and peaceful. That’s where I want to be. 

Q : When did you know that you were going to design bridal?

A : My mother was a professional couturier, and growing up I would cut my mother’s fabrics and make doll dresses. As far back as I could remember, I’ve wanted to be a designer & I followed my dream to Canada to do so. 

Q : Who is your style icon?

A : I love the class & timelessness of Audrey Hepburn. My mother is also a big style icon of mine.

Q : If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be?

A : Halle Berry

Q : What is the last great book that you read?

A : I get daily inspiration from the Bible.

Q : Any advice for brides?

A : Choose a dress that best suits your personality and style. Don’t rely on another’s opinion and listen to your own gut. At the end of the day it’s your big day, not theirs