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Elizabeth Dye Prices

These lovely gowns begin at $1,600

Our Current favorite wedding dresses From Elizabeth Dye

Halo and Lewisia from the 2014 Pacific Wanderlust collection!

Elizabeth Dye Tea Dress - Colorado
Elizabeth Dye Tempest Dress - Colorado
Elizabeth Dye Paloma Gown

A little Q&A with the designer

Q. What is your design inspiration? 

I always look to past eras — the ‘30s and ‘40s for feminine necklines, the ‘60s for playful details, the ‘70s for bohemian glamour. For my 2014 collection I was inspired by the film “Picnic at Hanging Rock”--Edwardian meets the hippie ‘70s. So amazing!

 Q. Tell me two little known facts about you

I’m left handed and fairly good at firing a pistol. 

 Q. Describe your personal style

I’m inspired by small independent designers and make an effort to wear their work whenever possible. That and jeans!

Q. What is your favorite article of clothing
I have an exquisite gold tulle and sequin shrug from the 1920s hanging in my studio—it’s too fragile to wear but it’s a lucky charm for me.

Q. Favorite vacation spot? Australia!

Q. When did you know that you were going to design bridal?
My first bridal dress design was for a friend who approached me to make a special, one-of-a-kind dress for her day. It was an honor to work on such a special project—I was hooked!

Q. Who is your style icon? 
Anyone with the courage to wear exactly what she wants.

Q. If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be?

Natalie Portman – tiny figure, huge presence!

Q. What is the last great book that you read? 
I reread Persuasion by Jane Austen about once a year.

Q. Any advice for brides
Express yourself and have fun—listen to your own voice. Your wedding dress is not a costume, it should be you through and through.

Q. What makes your line special from a designer perspective? 
I want every dress I design to tell a story, and to be an heirloom you treasure. Elizabeth Dye dresses are made to be kept and loved.


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